Impact at Speed of Thought



Our History

Unconditional. It is a word that is infinitely expansive. “Unconditional” surrender is a complete defeat. Unconditional love is pure adoration. At Unconditional, we see this word as something aspirational. We want to live in a world where communities that have been historically disadvantaged, disempowered, discriminated against, or simply ignored are accepted - unconditionally. Until that day comes, we strive to bring Unconditional support to those who need it most.

Our Mission

The mission of Unconditional is to use technology and people and patient capital to innovate and strengthen disadvantaged communities on their path to equality.

Our Vision

Our vision is true equality, a world where all people will be able to provide for their basic needs, receive a quality education, and pursue fair business opportunities.

What We Do

Technology has the capacity to be a democratizing force in our society. Unfortunately, so far, the technological revolution has not been appropriately harnessed to promote equality around the world. In fact, if anything, it has exacerbated wealth inequality and kept disadvantaged communities from being able to participate on equal footing. Unconditional will change that narrative. Unconditional goes into disadvantaged communities and creates programs and partnerships that foster adaptive learning solutions. These programs help the people in these communities take advantage of today’s opportunities. 

Our Story

Unconditional began as an idea by social advocate and innovator Malcolm Allen. Allen began on this path more than 20 years ago while serving in the United States Navy, where he used his position on the USS Peleliu to help create programs to assist disabled veterans in their transition back to civilian life. Inspired by this experience, Allen believes the creation of proper support structures will help aid those seeking social justice and economic equality. Unconditional will be the force that creates that support. 

Our Future

Unconditional will do the tough work at the micro-level to make big changes on the macro level. By reaching out to disadvantaged communities and brokering partnerships dedicated to creating social change, Unconditional will be able to use its mission and its momentum to sway tilt the balance of power in these communities towards equality.