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High Paying Careers for the Justice Involved

Many careers, in general, are high paying below market average rates for the justice-involved. There are also careers where you pay based on what you produce or how much you work; this essentially means that those careers can be high paying as well in accordance with your output. According to College Consensus (n.d.), the following are the top 10 highest paying jobs for felons: Welding, Electrician, HVAC Technician, Carpenter, Military, Oil Field Jobs, Truck Driver, Marketing, Entrepreneur, and Online Freelancing.


Although this is a very extensive list of top paying careers for felons, the majority of these jobs require not only specialized knowledge but also certifications, licenses, etc. However, looking at Marketing, Entrepreneur, and Online Freelancing, the opportunities for jumping into 1 of the 10 top paying careers as a felon, looks more promising in regards to minimum requirements to enter the field.


Felons Can Obtain Credentials

The good news about these high paying jobs is that felons are eligible to get a CDL to be a truck driver. Felons can enroll in colleges, universities, and trade schools to acquire the qualifications to be an HVAC Technician, Carpenter, Electrician, Welder, etc. The drawback of pursuing these credentials, even if they are from a small trade school, is that it takes some time to get the certifications. You have to attend the courses and training, and in most cases, you have to take an exam or perform some tasks to demonstrate your level of competency or understanding of the content.


A Felon Can Begin Working Immediately

The biggest benefit of being a freelancer is you can start immediately. There are many freelancing sites available that allow people to create a seller’s account and begin selling their services instantly, free of charge, with no background check or outrageous credentials, back to what I first mentioned above about being paid based on your output. Whether you are a felon or not, you can freelance, offering your services for a fee. With freelancing, you can charge any price you desire but for this example, let’s say you charge $25 per job. If you do six jobs per day at $25, you can earn $125 per day. At this rate, you would earn $625 per week. Let’s say you had a desire to earn over $1200 per week. You would double the jobs you do every day and earn $250 per day, bringing you $1250 per week.


In closing, there are high paying careers for felons, and some felons are reaping the benefits of a huge paycheck a few times per month. When it comes to exploring these options, one has to decide if they prefer going through various hoops and hurdles to obtain the credentials and qualifications required of the field. To truly achieve the best of both worlds and begin working immediately, freelancing is a great high paying career for felons, especially for a felon pursuing their credentials or qualifications for another field; they could freelance while pursuing their credentials.



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