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Women/Girls of Color


Women/Girls of Color

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In order to accelerate women empowerment, everyone must support women’s rights and commit themselves to be intersectional, and they should allow women of color to be centered in the fight for equality. 


i.                    Black girls have a 12% higher rate of school suspension than any other race.

ii.                  Girls/young women of color represent a larger percent of detention, post-adjudication, juvenile arrests, and delinquencies.

iii.                Significant gap opportunities are existing in careers and STEM education, especially for girls/women of color.

iv.                Women of color face many challenges when participating in the economy, and this widens their pay gap.

What We Do

              i.            Eliminate violence against women and girls and their communities by promoting leadership and centralizing the voices of women/girls of color in communities.

            ii.            Organize conferences, events, and circulate newsletters to incite works to end violence against girls and women of color.

          iii.            Provide a safe space where girls/women of color can communicate with each other about self-care issues, education, their feelings, and more.

          iv.            Enlighten girls/women of color through education and leadership development programs.

             v.            Work to advance justice and human rights for women and girls of color through economic justice and immigrant rights.

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