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Dropout Prevention


Dropout Prevention

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The proportion of young adults and youths residing in the U.S. who have dropped out of high school declined from 1970 to 2016 by 9%. Although the ethnic and racial groups have decreased over the years, Hispanic youths have the highest possibility of dropping out of high school as compared to other ethnicities and races.


i.                    High school graduates earn $200,000 more than high school dropouts in their lifetime.

ii.                  One in every six students attends a dropout factory.

iii.                High school dropouts in the United States commit around 75% of all crimes.

iv.                Approximately 25% of high school freshmen do not graduate from high school on time.

v.                   More than 1.2 million students in the U.S. drop out of high school each year.

What We Do

i.                    Identify and recommend effective strategies and best practices to reduce the rate of school dropout while increasing both student engagement and re-engagement.

ii.                  Collaborate with various institutions to analyze data about student dropout, suspension, truancy, completion rates, student growth, discipline incidences, and expulsion rates.

iii.                Coordinate efforts across leading initiatives to address adult education and dropout prevention.

iv.                Keep track of changes, progress, and results to improve our strategies.

v.                   Manage and secure resources to finance support and services.

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